Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Will Polish Troops Withdraw From Iraq in 2005?

The best information I can find on whether or not Poland will withdraw its troops from Iraq next year is over at Chrenkoff's. He is originally from Poland and has translated some quotes from several Polish articles on the matter:

Komorowski says "It's shameful to be trying to escape from one's responsibility, in the circumstances where Poland officially took over administration of part of Iraq and never gave any inkling that it intends to pull out prematurely."

Bronisław Komorowski is the leader of the Citizens Platform, part of "the right-wing opposition, which is likely to form the next government," according to Chrenkoff.

Chrenkoff has lots more, including some analysis of Polish domestic politics and how that may affect things.

UPDATE: For more news and analysis on this, Pretensions of Competency is also covering the story.

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