Saturday, October 16, 2004

George and Jun

Bush and Koizumi, of course. Recently the Japanese prime minister expressed his hope that Bush will be re-elected. I was a bit surprised, and very pleased. He seemed quite sincere.

Meanwhile, while I was wondering what kind of post I could do on this, that darn Rambling Tanuki went and wrote it, the wily critter.


John said...

Thanks for the mention! Great minds, as they say... And by the way, it's The Tanuki Ramble!!!

a guy in pajamas said...

Hey, John! Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy your blog; The Tanuki Ramble is one of my regular reads. You'll notice you are blog bagelled over there on the right, with your proper blog name, of course.

But, uh, in this particular post I'm supposed to be irritated with you for beating me to the scoop, so "Rambling Tanuki" it was . . . Sorry!

Jen said...

0_o thanks for stoppin by. I had an idea what the picture was but didn't know the background info. Thanks for fillin me in.