Sunday, October 31, 2004


This blog's getting pretty dense, what with definitions and Utopianisms and Lennonism floating around. Time for a break.

Kerry: Bush Outsourced Bin Laden Video Production
by Scott Ott

(2004-10-30) -- Just hours after the release of a videotape featuring revered Muslim leader Usama bin Laden lecturing on theology, Democrat presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry slammed President George Bush for encouraging the outsourcing of such video productions to overseas media companies.

After you recover from Scrappleface, try out Protein Wisdom:

My twelfth brief conversation with a McIntosh apple

me: “You vote yet? Or are you waiting until Tuesday.”

apple: “Um, I can’t vote. I’m a fruit, remember?”

me: “Oh bull$#%*. Bush is not the Taliban, and nobody is denying you your civil rights. I’m tired of hearing this kind of hyperbolic nonsense every time someone disagrees with you on some social issue.”

The apple has a good comeback -- does it use it? You'll never know if you don't click the link!

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