Saturday, October 16, 2004

No War?

"No War" eh? Well, whatever the US did, there would have been a war. If it was not the Coalition invasion, it would have been Saddam's troops butchering the Kurds. Only enforcement of the no-fly zones kept Saddam's soldiers out of the Kurdish region, and there would have been no legal reason to maintain them once sanctions were lifted.

Either way, invade or not, there would have been war. Without the invasion, probably tens of thousands of Kurdish civilians would have been massacred, and the US would have been charged with abandoning the Kurds and allowing it to happen. As far as world opinion is concerned, the US was going to be villified for causing war and killing tens of thousands of civilians no matter what it did in Iraq, whether invade or withdraw.

(Image from Cox and Forkum. Hosted at Flickr. Mug tip to Daniel W. Casey.)


Anonymous said...

USA Today reports that Brent Scowcroft, security advisor to G. Bush #1, says that Iraq and Afghanistan are "failing ventures". Also, that Bush is wrapped around Sharon's little finger. That Bush is "mesmerized" by the Prime Minister of Israel. Although I wonder if he actually said these things, one never knows with MSM, I am blown away.
Mesmerized?!? Reminds me of some of the Nazi propaganda that I viewed recently in the Holocaust Museum. What's happening to our country when half the population defends Saddam and attacks Israel?

Read the whole article here:

a guy in pajamas said...

That's fairly disgusting. Mesmerized? What?

I do wish the article had more complete quotes, though. As you note, the MSM do tend to twist things, leave out the context, etc.

Here's a link to that article, if anyone else wants to read it.