Monday, October 18, 2004


Edith and Walter were the first to notice the blood dripping from the ceiling.

OH. I can't BREATHE! And there's links to more! And MORE!


PS In case anyone's concerned, there is no blood in the photos. They are work safe, unless your co-workers/boss are peaceniks.

PPS Some will think me EEEEVVVIIIIILLLLLLL for thinking this is funny. Actually, Evil resides here. But beyond the mere technical facts, I have really built up an immunity to being called evil since the anti-Bush gang started using it to mean "disagrees with me." If EEEVVIIILLLL is disagreeing with anti-Bushers, then yeah, I'm evil. Thanks for noticing.

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Anonymous said...

How freaky is that? I was just looking at those pictures on the blog you linked to, before coming over here. My favorite is the Charles Manson guy that said he and his friends are sorry. Since he had to tape the sign to a wall, I don't think he has any friends.