Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Me: Arthur Chrenkoff's a witch!

Sir Bedivere: How do you know he's a witch?

Me: He's dressed like one. And he turned me into a slimy mollusc!

Well, after 40 days of blogging, I've decided to give everyone the benefit of my, ahem, vast experience.

Three things I've learned about blogging on the cheap:

1. As everyone else seemed to know (but failed to tell me), the second component in free blogging (after Blogger, etc.) is HaloScan comments, which are free, but come with tacky ads. So far I've seen an offensive one suggesting US soldiers are butchers, and one for lesbians who like Bush. Anyway, as long as you, the reader, understand I have no control over the ads in the comments box, I guess I don't mind.

2. Flickr is a free place to host your photos, but occasionally the server is down or something and my photos don't show up. Also, it has a 10MB per day bandwidth limit, so somewhere around my 100th page view for the day my photos would stop showing up (should I ever get 100 page views in a day). Great service for the price, though.

3. Hey, I'm a newby! You can't expect three whole points on this business, can you?

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