Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fifty Reasons

From Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest:

The polls are open in California and after I finish this item, I'm going down to the Albertson's Supermarket across from the beach here in Laguna Beach and cast my ballot. It will be the first time I've ever voted for a Republican ticket in a National Election.

Before this, I voted Democrat right down the line. But I was asleep and I was foolish. Now, at least I can say I'm awake.

It's not that I'm overjoyed with George Bush ... , nor that I think the Republican Party is overwhelmingly admirable. None of that. It's never easy to vote when the only viable choices are two, but that's the deal right now. And my job today as a citizen is to choose. So I will choose George W. Bush.

There are many reasons why, but here's 50.

As a Democrat who voted Republican this year, I think I understand. The 50 reasons are a pretty good photo-essay. Well worth the time.

(Mug tip to a kind reader.)

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