Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"When You Win, Tighten Your Helmet Straps!"

「勝って兜の緒を締めよ」(katte kabuto no o wo shime yo)

- Old bushi saying

A reader, Right Wing Bandito, posted the following:

I'm honestly worried. The rest of the world should be, too. What's going to happen if a smallish war like Iraq beats the will of the US? How can Germany, Canada, Japan consider themselves safe when the enemies of a stable world realize that America has lost its courage? Our expensive bombers and large military become meaningless against a less advanced, but more determined China, Iran, N. Korea. Many of us have grown up in a peaceful, stable world. Tomorrow may be the first day of a new, darker future.

I felt that way too . . . Then I realized, half of America doesn't feel that way. They've been led into lies and deceit for 30+ years now. Even if Bush wins, they'll be a huge drag on our nation's potential, just as they have the last four years. Imagine where we'd be in Iraq if 90% of the American people stood behind Bush and worked to make it a success, if there was no division, just a solid will to win and make the world a better place.

It's time to get the truth out.

That's our job, we who believe in America as a truly great nation -- regardless of who is elected president, we must start getting the truth out. We must make our own media, we must get back into the academy, we must challenge socialism and show people it is a failed, has-been theory that destroys or impoverishes the individual and the culture.

If Bush wins, the only good reaction is to tighten our helmet straps, reload our arguments, beat off the counter-attack and push on for total victory over socialism in our own nation. If Kerry wins, that gives us four years as an ideological insurgency to plan, prepare, educate, challenge, retake lost ground. We get another chance with every election.

In the bushi's day, the loser didn't have to worry about helmet straps, or his head, anymore. For us, either way, our ideological war isn't over by a long shot. Better tighten those straps.

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