Tuesday, November 09, 2004

That's It, I'm Going Back to My Bedroom

I came out in the yard and shouted and screamed for the election. I enjoyed doing so, but too much of that and you begin to look like these guys. That's just not my kind of thing.

Harry Hutton is a brilliant man who has escaped to Columbia (although being brilliant and escaping to Columbia may be an oxymoron). Over on his blog, he had the unfortunate idea to post a map of pre-Civil War slave and free states / territories that shows the old slave states and territories are pretty much today's red states, while the old free states are pretty much today's blue states, and then post this quote below it:

"It is time to return to the values that made America great. I am talking, of course, about slavery..." -Vice President Cheney, in a speech yesterday (via Daily Kos.)

He got a thorough drubbing from several readers for it and moved the quote into the comments, so it's off the front page. Although I half-suspect he is pulling our collective leg, he later posts:

Still unable to believe the reaction to that map.

Hmmm. Was Hutton making a vicious, underhanded political comment, or did he really think it was simply interesting in an academic sort of way? Hutton's a smart man, as I said, and I got a bit peeved and thought I'd share my peevement with him.

But then he begins his jihad:

I didn’t mean to annoy anyone, but it occurs to me that, since I don’t have advertising on this site, it doesn’t really matter how many hypersensitive Americans I offend. So from today I am going on an all-out Alienate The Readership Drive. Over the next few months this site will have something to offend everybody. I'm going to try to abuse every single nation, religion and ethnic group- that's really something to shoot for, isn't it? Even groups that are easy-going and relatively difficult to wind up, such as Canadians, will be singled out and insulted.

Suddenly, like being hit in the face with a pie, I decided I just didn't care. Hutton runs an intelligent, fun blog, and his commenters, most of whom I would probably disagree with on political issues, are smart and funny as heck. "Chase Me Ladies, I'm In The Cavalry" is one of the few blogs I go to just to see what erudite silliness is up, what new killer fact Hutton's posted, and whether he has yet to get his 300 kilos of white mice (sorry, no time to explain).

Why would I want to muck that up with some peevey comment? It's time to take a few deep breaths and get back into a normal groove.

Life is, after all, fairly silly. Enjoy!

PS If you are Harry or any of his commenters over here sniffing around, looking for doughnuts, I want you to know I'm lying about all that brilliant, smart, and funny nonsense. Poetic license, doncha know. Go on. I don't even have any doughnuts, for Pete's sake.

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