Saturday, November 06, 2004

Say Hello to the Republic of Macedonia!

The Turkish online daily Zaman brings us the news that the US recognized Macedonia under it's preferred name:

The Bush government's first big foreign policy decision of its second term recognized the constitutional name of the "Republic of Macedonia". Despite the objections of Greece, the name was recognized in a list of those helping in the war in Iraq.

Learning of the decision, as he was about to leave for Brussels for a European Union (EU) Council meeting, Greek Foreign Minister Petros Molivyatis canceled his trip and called the US Ambassador to Athens, Thomas Miller, to his office. ...

Meanwhile there was a jubilant atmosphere in Macedonia upon this development, President Branko Cırvenkovski said, "Today is a big day for Macedonia." ... Greek officials note that they will take their objections over the decision as far as the United Nations (UN). Athens objects to the move as "it shows its territorial aims in the region by carrying the same name as a region of Greece." Its neighbor announced its independence after Yugoslavia fell apart to become the "Republic of Macedonia".

Macedonia has 70 troops in the coalition in Afghanistan and 30 on the ground in Iraq.

For more on this, check out Nelson Ascher's excellent post at Europundits. I discovered Europundits today through Silent Running, and it is a great read!

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