Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Gone Diplomad

The Diplomad always has great stuff, and I always want to put some good, short quote from them over here with a snappy "Read the whole thing!", but it's hard. Their stuff is really good and you just can't take a tidbit. But here is one good quote I could cut out:

Living and working far from our beloved Republic, perhaps we see the threat to America more vividly than many who live and work there. We live surrounded by people who wish us ill, who hate freedom, education, and the American creed of the Common Man; by people who see those as threats to their lives of privilege and exploitation. There are any number of elites around the world who actively want their countries and people to remain poor and stupid; they don't want American investment or trade; they don't want American education for the common folk; above all, they don't want American ideas of freedom and equality. To keep freedom at bay, they preach a crude nationalism of "victimhood" which once had a heavy almost exclusively Marxist cast to it, but now is infused with other bits and pieces of nonsense picked up from the Western leftist media and Hollywood: American investment is bad for the environment; American education threatens "traditional culture and values"; America wants to destroy Islam; the Americans can't even run an election in Florida; Americans have overreacted to 9/11, which was their fault anyhow, if it actually happened (a French-made DVD popular in Asia claims the 9/11 attack NEVER happened.)

I give up on trying to cherrypick the rest of their posts. Just go read them all.

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