Sunday, November 07, 2004

Let the Healing Begin, Eh?

From Iowahawk comes words of healing and compassion for our defeated Democrat brethren:

Next, you've got to stop all this crazy talk about "suicide" and "that's it, I'm moving to Canada." C'mon people, just stop it!. Why? Because you are Americans too, and Americans are known for action, that's why! If you ever expect other Americans to treat you as a serious political force, you've got to get up off your duff, can all that jibber-jabber, and get cracking on the U-Hauls and tragic carbon-monoxide incidents, Mister Big Talk.

Be sure to read the follow up, too.

Um, yes, I'm a Democrat. But I voted for Bush, so I am a victorious Democrat, or at least, a Democrat who happened to be victorious. Anyway, just go read the post already!

(Mug tip to reader Right Wing Bandito.)

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