Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A Very Brief History of Pajama-clad Insurgents

In the latter half of the 20th century, pajamas were often considered the uniform of choice for dangerous insurgents and subversives.

In the 1960's came the Viet Cong, famous for their black PJs and their attacks on US soldiers and South Vietnamese troops and civilians.

About the same time the VC were training up as the Vietminh, a pajama-sporting subversive named Hugh Hefner launched his movement to take porn mainstream.

With a history embracing both sex and violence, pajama-attired subversives were sure to be a hit in the media. Little did anyone suspect, however, that the third wave of pajama-wearing guerrillas would be of an entirely different weave.

(Photo of famous blogger in pajamas.)

On September 9, 2004, North Korean Independence Day, a pajamauflaged band of insurgents led by Power Line's Scott W. Johnson, "The Big Trunk," overran an outpost of the mainstream media.

(Digitally enhanced graphic illustrating the attack.)

The initial response by CBS News was denial by authority - downplay it from a position of authority, discount the authority of those questioning the network, and ignore it because they knew, without mainstream attention, no one would ever find out. CBS clearly forgot they were a capitalist entity, subject to the wiles of the market. When other major media organizations smelled blood at Power Line, they started swarming. CBS is now being eaten alive by their fellow competitors, and the pajama-clad PJournalists have insurged into the mainstream.

Will the major media, after their feeding frenzy, close ranks and rewrite history? That remains to be seen. Will these asymmetrical journalists have an increasing effect on the MSM? Almost certainly.

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