Monday, September 27, 2004

Dinner at Kurofune

Just got home from eating at Kurofune, a yakitori restaurant that's a step above the average. Yakitori is grilled chicken on skewers, but yakitoriya also have a wide variety of other things like pork, beef, vegetables, and various mixtures (for example, asparagus wrapped with bacon). They also often have grilled fish and some other things. All this is to accompany alcohol, of course.

I had the day's special, chidori no tataki. I had forgotten that chidori, a kind of chicken, was often served a bit on the rare side, which is safe because it's very fresh. It was quite good. They had a spicy yuzu paste that, mixed with the sauce they provided, was excellent. (Yuzu is a citrus similar to limes.)

I washed it down with a bottle of Tsingtao beer, which went quite well.

After the chidori, I was still a bit hungry. I had a skewer of beef, two of pork, and one of mushroom wrapped with ham. Each skewer is about three bites. An Orion beer rounded it out nicely. The Orion served on tap is a very light micro-brew made in Okinawa and it went very well with the food.

All this, a very pleasant atmosphere, and I got out the door for less than $20. Not bad at all.

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