Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Paging Mrs. Anthrax

CNN tells us the US is holding Dr. Germ and Mrs. Anthrax. Great super-villain names? OK, sure, Mrs. Anthrax, that's good. But Dr. Germ? Who comes up with these names? I know they did not read superhero comics as a child.

Hmm, one was educated in British universities, the other in US universities. Maybe we should be more suspicious of students of certain nationalities majoring in plant toxins . . .

The article is pretty good, up until the author lies to us:

As yet no evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction -- used by the U.S. and British governments to justify the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 -- has been found.

Oh, I beg to differ, on two points. First, WMDs alone were never the justification for invasion. Second, we have found plenty of evidence.

(A hearty "Thank you!" to Fishkite, the Iraqi WMD Blog for a good summary of the Iraq war and most of the WMD links above. I highly recommend the site for research on what's been found in Iraq.)


Hey! Fishkite linked to the same article yesterday! Stop stealing from me!


Okay, I'm not sure how Fishkite was stealing from me, as he posted a day before me. But he's smart; I'm sure he found a way.

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Mick Wright said...

A hearty "you're welcome!" to A Guy in Pajamas, and a "thank you" for linking to my website. I'm glad you've found it useful.