Thursday, September 16, 2004

After the First Shot: A Study of the Pajamahadeen

Like this one, the following blogs seem to have been Rather-inspired:

Editors in Pajamas, which has a pretty funny historical analogy for us. This blog was begun on Tuesday, September 14. [UPDATE: I initially got the blog name wrong - Sorry! It's fixed now.]

CBS News struck back, opening its counterinsurgency operations by starting its own blog. Er, so to speak. Operations began September 15. (Mug tip to Instapundit.)

Winds of has registered,, and Look for good stuff there in the future.


Rathergate has an excellent round-up of Rather-inspired news, including a blog roll of sites that are tracking this, petitions for Rather's resignation, and even a cute little program that allows you to directly FAX a personalized message to CBS affiliates. Looks like they want to take the big man down. The site began operating on September 12th.


And we now discover what thousands of bloggers wear while blogging:

gnotalex, at the blog québécois: "'a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas.'. This is a vile calumny. Let it be known that I blog clad only in underwear."

Ben at Infinite Monkeys: "I think I can speak for my fellow Monkeys when I say that we don't blog in our pajamas. We don't have a pair of pajamas among us. If it wasn't clear before, I'll set the record straight right now: We blog in our cups."

Wind Rider at Bloviating Inanities: "You mean...

I'm actually supposed to be wearing something while I do this?"

Acidman at Gut Rumbles: "pajamas?

I don't need no stinking pajamas.

I blog nekkid."

Clayton Craymer: "I don't blog in pajamas. Sometimes, I only blog in underwear. But to avoid causing panic and fear, I never blog naked."

Charles at LGF: "I’d like you all to know that despite the intensely humid SoCal heat I have been blogging all day in a three piece Giorgio Armani suit.

I haven’t owned pajamas for at least 20 years."


Foot Notes

Origin of the pajama references.

Here's the Jammies Brigade thread over at Suzy Rice's, that wonderful woman who, near as I can tell, is the creator of the word "pajamahadeen" (which I have shamelessly misappropriated).


If you know of other True Believer blogs, Rather-inspired, that is, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

UPDATE 2004 October 20:

Two additions to the True Believers:

Pajama Pundits is a liberal-conservative tag team blog.

the Pajamasphere, gives the history of the pajama remark that kicked this off and some other interesting information. Not much there, but I like the pajama pics on the side.

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