Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Two Nifty Japan Blogs

Since I began pounding pixels here, I have discovered two other blogs in Japan I really like.

Mongai Moments is done by an American artist living in Kyoto. If you're a policy wonk, be sure to check out his links to LDP General Secretary Shinzo Abe's speech on US-Japan relations and join in the discussion of it. If you're more of the cultural type, check out his introductions of famous shrines and temples, starting with Kyoto's Yasaka Jinja.

The Tanuki Ramble is a blog from Niigata Prefecture. He's been blogging longer than myself and has some pretty good stuff up, including a lot more photos than I have. If you like politics, check out his comments on fighting terrorism. If you are looking for culture, I enjoy the rice harvest time here a lot, and he's got a good post up on that, with photos. He also has a good blog roll of other Japan blogs and Japan-related sites.

Both of these blogs have lots of other facets to explore and are well worth a regular visit. You can bet I'll be there regularly, and they are bagelled in my sidebar. (Yes, other sites have blog rolls; I have a blog bagel.)

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