Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ahoy, mateys!

Aarrr!! Get out o' ye jammies, ye scurvy dogs o' the surf! There'll be no politickin', no limp-wristed comment'ry, no frilly arguments today 'cept the sort delivered with sharp steel and a broadside! Aarrrr!

(Tip o' the cap'n's cover to Evil Pundit o' Doom, scourge of the 'igh seas, for lettin' me plunder this inpirin' image from 'is archives.)

Shiver me timbers, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day! So grind that cutlass and get ye powder ready, it's time to hit the high seas, mateys!

There be lots o' celebratin' goin' on, as saucy wench Theresa Hogue, sailin' on the black ship Corvallis Gazette-Times scribes:

... celebrations are being planned in New Zealand, Calgary, Switzerland, San Diego, Alabama and elsewhere. A church video crew in Bloomington, Minn., plan to videotape church ceremonies while talking like pirates on Sunday, while schoolchildren in the Australian outback celebrated Friday in class. A Pirates of the Caribbean Ball will be held in Canberra (those Australians love their pirates, apparently) today, while an airborne brigade in Baghdad is planning on holding a pirate celebration at headquarters.

I imagine they'll be shufflin' 'round the deck singin':

"Hardy corsairs rollin' down the strip,
Airborne pirates gonna take a little trip
Mission: fat merchants, destination: the Main
Don' tell the crew but the Cap'n's insane"


If ye reckin' ta know more about Talk Like A Pirate Day best board Cap'n Slappy's craft, and if ye reckin' ta know more about pirates, git ye scurvy arse over to the Pirates Ring.

Avast! What're ye waitin' for? Satan himself ta come git ye? MOVE ye arses ye scurvy canines!! AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


Aarrr! Cap'n Frank Nobeard J. has scribed a "Know Thy Enemy: Pirates" post:

* Pirates operate by boarding your ship, killing everyone on board, and stealing your treasure. So, if pirates ask to board, tell them no.

Better advice I never did 'ear. Give 'er a look-see, matey.


Aaarrr! The piratey image above was linked directly to Flickr, where I be keepin' me photos for this here blog. Now the link is 'ere, matey. I still be workin' the kinks out o' me bloggin' style, so bear with me ya bilge rodents or it's around the keel we'll be 'aulin' ye! Aarrr!

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