Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq the Inspiration

One more step has been taken on the road to victory.

From Iraq the Model:
The people have won.
We would love to share what we did this morning with the whole world, we can't describe the feelings we've been through but we'll try to share as much as we can with you.
We woke up this morning one hour before the alarm clock was supposed to ring. As a matter of fact, we barely slept at all last night out of excitement and anxiety.

The first thing we saw this morning on our way to the voting center was ...

From Friends of Democracy, on the ground in Iraq:
Q: Ms. Alaa Rabih, what is your feeling on elections?

A: My feeling is a feeling of nationalism and revolution. For the first time, we feel secure and stable, we will have a new constitution and live in a peaceful Iraq.

On a different note (as usual), Scott Ott reports:
Iraqi Voting Disrupts News Reports of Bombings
by Scott Ott

(2005-01-30) -- News reports of terrorist bombings in Iraq were marred Sunday by shocking graphic images of Iraqi "insurgents" voting by the millions in their first free democratic election.

Despite reporters' hopes ...

Mug tips to Instapundit and Instapundit, where you can find a lot more.

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Finally, after every victory, remember: 「勝って兜の緒を締めよ。」 "When you win, tighten your helmet straps."

There's still a long road ahead.

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