Monday, January 17, 2005

Getting Back Into The Groove

Dr. Demarche had the most excellent idea to set up a blog for everyone without a blog, My Blog Is Your Blog:
Feel free to add just about whatever you want here. I don't plan to edit, modify or manage this blog in any meaningful way. My hope is that this site will be used to continue threads started elsewhere, or to provide a place of their own for folks who aren't otherwise inclined to set up and run a blog. Got something to say in a comment field on another blog that is just too long to fit? Post it here and leave a link in the comments at the referenced blog. Found a news article or other item online that you want to share? Post it here! Got your own blog and want to promote it? Here is your place!

Ideally I'd like to see some debate, blue staters and red staters, right, left and center, all contributing. Will it work? Who knows. Will anyone post here? Beats me.


Chrenkoff's Good News From Iraq, Part 19, is up. Always good to counterbalance the eeyoresque views of most of the mainstream media.


Evil Pundit of Doom discusses the evolution of morals, in a very literal way.


Tim Blair notes the anthropological trip a blue-stater took through some red states. He gives us a glimpse inside the head of a truly ... sheltered ... individual.

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