Monday, January 24, 2005

Are You Geddon It?

Yeah, Armor Geddon It:
"Well that was fun. Let’s go find some more s#!% to blow up.” SGT P said. It was around 1200. We had just silenced a row of houses where the enemy had entrenched themselves and lit up Outlaw platoon. It was south west of the cloverleaf and in the open desert. The city itself sort of funneled southwest. Picture a big fat Y. Well actually, I guess HY would be a better graphic, since the west side of the city where the Marines were, went straight north and south. We were at the junction of the Y, which was the industrial zone, looking southwest.

“Hey, Sir. Look at all those houses out there. It looks like a whole ‘nother city. Do you think we are going there?” I bent down into the GPSE. Several kilometers away, SGT P was looking at what seemed like an annex to the city. There was an open landfill between the industrial zone and the start of another built up area. But this built up area had magnificent two and three story houses. The houses looked pretty big. And they were immaculate. Unmolested by artillery and main gun rounds.

“No way. There’s no way we’re going down there. That s#!% looks another city; as big as what we just cleared up here.” I was under the impression that now that we had cleared the industrial zone, we would establish strongholds in the city, and run humvee patrols out of them in an effort to mop up the mess. I also didn’t fully grasp how big the city really was. Nor did anybody at the company level and below know exactly how the plan would unfold from here.

Back at the LRP

"Well the Marines have finally caught up with us. We are moving south to clear everything south of the Industrial Zone,” CPT Mayfield told us.

Shows how much I know.

Armor LT Neil Prakash, USA, blogs his highly explosive quest to blow up the bad guys and bring liberty and peace to Iraq.

Living in the great outdoors and blowing things up, those were the days, my friends. I gotta say, I'm sorry I'm not there.

Mug tip to Blackfive.

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