Thursday, March 10, 2005

What the ... !?

Last night I was working on the post Home, Where The Heart Should Be, but when I tried to post it, Blogger threw a fit, wadded it up and shoved it in its mouth. Luckily, I always work in a text editor and copy / paste my posts in, so nothing was lost but the time spent wrestling with Blogger.

It was late and, as I read over my hotly contested post, I realized it could be better. So I gave up, let the ref declare Blogger the winner, and went to bed. I tinkered with it this morning, and made some improvements I was happy with. Then I wrote and posted something else. When I checked to make sure that other post was up, there was last night's version of Home ....

"Egads!" I thought. Blogger not only spit on my concession, it went ahead and posted the article just to spite me! It probably knew I wanted to edit it!

Er, anyway. So I went back this afternoon and made the changes. So there. Hah!


Update: Actually, I like Blogger. Sometimes it throws fits, but that's true of anything, really. Even me. (^u^)V

Update 2: When I first posted my edited version of Home, Where The Heart Should Be, I felt I should add an update to that post noting the changes. But that kinda ruins the style of it, I think. As Sitemeter shows probably fewer than 30 people could have seen the original (depending on when Blogger actually published it) and Technorati shows no one has linked to it, I won't. This post should serve as sufficient notice, and as a guy sitting around in pajamas, posting anonymously on the Internet, I feel I have done my duty by the blogosphere, critics and purists be darned!

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