Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Oil-For-Palaces Tidbits

Roger L. Simon has done a little original investigating and come up with some interesting information possibly linking Kofi Annan a bit more closely to the UN Oil-For-Food scandal than previously thought. Nothing UN-shattering, but interesting.

2. A trip in September 1998 by Mouselli and Kojo to the Non-Aligned Nations Movement Conference in Durban, South Africa during which they traveled with the Secretary General's entourage and later had a private lunch with Kofi Annan. In Mouselli's view, the purpose of the lunch was to make the Secretary General aware of the various business dealings in which he and Kojo were engaged, in order to get the Secretary General's "blessing". It was Mouselli's understanding at the time that Kojo had previously discussed the Iraqi Embassy visits with his father, though he does not recall specific statements regarding the UN inspection contracts.

It'll be interesting when this fetid affair is completely unravelled, if it ever is.

Mug tip to Chrenkoff.

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