Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rollin' Around the Sphere Tonight

RightThinkingPeople talks science and politics:
Another of the problems plaguing the left is their love-hate affair with science. You see this all the time in the storied halls of academe - social scientists arguing about "black boxes", "causality", the "agent-structure problem", and how "chaos theory" may be usefully applied to international relations. They sound like macaques discussing Proust.

InakaYabanjin talks moonshine and Islam. InakaYabanjin's good Comrade Tovarich also posted a link to The Drovers site, with a couple of free Celtic-based CDs for download in my comments.

After Grog Blog enjoys an evening at the opera:
Now, given the setting, none of us expected an evening of operatic perfection; in fact, we wouldn't have rocked up if we'd had to spring for the tickets. $56 to drive an hour into the country to listen to opera, any music actually, in a large open-air bowl with poor acoustics is not my idea of money-well-spent. But we knew the situation going in, so we weren't about to get all pissy on the sound.

No, the evening was closer to a picnic with opera as a backdrop.

That doesn't mean we didn't TRY to listen, though, we aren't complete philatelists, afterall...

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