Saturday, February 12, 2005


Eason Jordan, Chief News Executive for CNN, resigns.

Blackfive comments:
A few of the senior MSM people do hate America, do want us to fail, and do let their biases get in the way of objectivity.

But at least they might wake up tomorrow and realize that we're watching them...and that we'll keep improving our processes and our connections and be even more ready for the next battle for the truth.

Blackfive was one of the bloggers who created the Easongate blog to confront CNN over Jordan's claim that US troops targeted journalists in Iraq. The blog is mentioned in the ABC story linked above.

Bloggers are kicking butt, eh? The world is changing, ladies and gentlemen. Bush re-elected, Yuschenko succeeds, Mapes et al fired, Arafat bites it, the elections in Iraq go well, and now this.

Power to the people, baby! And I mean that as only a Right Wing Death Beast in pajamas doing an Austin Powers impersonation can.

Update Mover Mike has a good post up on journalists who were or who might have been killed by US forces in Iraq.

Update 2 Jean, in the comments, makes the point that it looks like I'm saying bloggers were responsible for Bush's re-election, Yuschenko's election, Mapes's firing, Arafat's death, etc. Well, I'm not. Really. Seriously. I would never ever remind my readers that a certain blogger might have been out of Japan about the time a certain famous Palestinian bought the camel lot. Nor would I imply that that blogger has studied plant poisons in depth. Never. That is something I simply would not do. As for the rest of it, I blame Elvis. Ahem. And space aliens for Arafat's poisoning, of course. That goes without saying.

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