Monday, November 07, 2005

Can the Dems Resurge?

Tom Lemasters at Politics in Focus, an interesting-looking new poli-blog, lists what he thinks the Dems need to do to make a comeback.

A brief overview of his full article is:

1. All politics is local; recruit like it.
2. Fresh blood anyone?
3. Stand for something.
4. Nominate a Presidential candidate from outside Washington.
5. Look to the South or the Midwest.

He's got some good ideas, and the comments are interesting (though there is one full-fledged 'Bush-stole-2000-AND-2004!' moonbat).

I think one problem is, Americans want to win in Iraq. We like to win, no matter what, but many of us also understand that winning in Iraq is vitally important for our own future. I'm not thrilled with some things the Republicans have done the last five years (starting with spending and immigration), but the Dems have to overcome their 'America deserves to lose' image, and that would take a tsunami of change.

(I owe someone a mug tip for this, but ... well, darn the aging process! Darn it, I say!)

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