Thursday, November 03, 2005

Barrrrr Humbug!

It's gettin' ter be that time of year, lads and lasses.

Paris is burning. Great novel title. Any takers? Or am I late? Anyway, Dr. D has some thoughts on it, for any o' you scallywags as wot ken reed.

Murray the Barbarian has a book review up -- I think I'll be buying that one. He's on a roll, so I highly recommend reading everything on his main page right now. The crusader pig is especially cute (though as a Kurenai no Buta / Porco Rosso fan, I'm biased).

The good ol' Comrade suggests Mother Nature needs diapers. Not only that, he gives a possible explanation for blogoholism. Oh, all right. It has to be linked too, I suppose. Video games!

Yeah, and I still haven't decided about the whole running for president thing, so don't pull out the pocket books or babies yet.

Arrrrrh! Now move along there, matey, afore I keel 'aul ya!

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