Monday, July 25, 2005

Getting Along

For anyone who might be tracking my reintegration to North American society, I just thought I'd post that it's a crazy country, much more polarized. There's lots and lots of good things, which more than make up for the weirdos and juvenile losers.

Overall, I would say my re-entry shock is only somewhat abated. Anyone else out there have experience with 'reverse culture shock'? I wonder if the anti-Bush crowd are going through culture shock at certain realizations they've been forced to accept ... (You know, like their sudden realization last November that just over half of their fellow citizens might be crazy?) After all, Bush's victory eased my internal cultural tensions with America.


PS I dislike the term 'reverse culture shock.' What does that mean, I'm having culture shock backwards? Which would be a good thing, right? I prefer 're-entry culture shock,' which is much clearer, but hey, no one asked me.

PPS It's kind of like 'reverse racism,' which I find a particularly racist phrase. Racism is racism, and there's no forward or reverse about it.

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