Monday, April 25, 2005

Good News From Iraq

Chrenkoff's Part 26 is up.

One of the interesting Reuters news stories he points out is that the Iraqis are planning to broadcast their entire primary and secondary school curriculum for students who can't go to the schools.
Iraq's Ministry of Education (MoE) is establishing a new education television channel in April to give primary and secondary school students the option of taking additional lessons at home and for those who are not attending school due to insecurity.

"The idea of this channel is similar to the educational TV established during the 1970s. We are going to present the entire curriculum for all grades, along with scientific programmes which are useful for the students," Baha'a Yehyah, director of the education channel, told IRIN in the capital Baghdad.

The channel will broadcast for at least six hours a day, seven days a week. "Specialised supervisors in the education field and good teachers will participate in preparing the programmes and teaching lessons," Yehyah added.

Japan right now has a problem with primary and secondary school students who refuse to go to school for various reasons. Maybe they could do something like this to address the issue?

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