Sunday, April 10, 2005

And Here's A Look At Current Sino-Japanese Relations

When Dr. Demarche began his group blog effort on China's future, he emailed to see if I'd be interested in doing something on it. Of course I was, but my mouth was bigger than my schedule book. Other things came up and I am still working on my first post for this.

However, Gaijin Biker, over at Riding Sun, is doing a great job of covering current Sino-Japanese relations:
Textbook example points out some of China's hypocrisy in dealing with Japanese textbooks.
Japan's past vs. China's present points out some more Chinese hypocrisy regarding Japan and violence.
Taiwanese politicians getting the picture discusses why some Taiwanese politicians are embracing Japan.

Excellent posts all, and I will be touching on some of these issues in my posts on Sino-Japanese relations. Assuming I ever get time to post them, of course.

Update: Heck, check out his whole front page right now. Tons of Sino-Taiwanese-Japanese posts.

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