Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm Migratory!

It's time to head back to the homeland for the winter break - Woohoo!

I love Japan, but Dorothy had it right, there's just no place like home.

In a couple hours I'll hit the road and for the 36 or so hours following will be A Guy In Transit. There'll be a big BBQ and a long winter's nap immediately on reaching my home nesting grounds, then almost a month of tall tales, good food, and renewing the bonds that free us.

I won't be posting while in transit, but will probably post periodically after I get home. What those periods will be I can't say until I get there. Regular blogging will resume upon my return to the Land of the Rising Sun.

While I'm in transit, I'm turning the comments section over to you. Any question you're just dying to ask A Guy In Pajamas? Have a comment, a critique, a request? Want to smack me in the head for something? Here's your chance! The comments are right below!

Once you've finished, enjoy this article a reader sent in on Santa training for the Japanese:

Every Christmas, Seiji Makino used to dread facing up to his three children whose questions about Santa Claus would leave him blank.

But this year Makino and other Japanese who want to be able to bellow out a perfect "ho, ho, ho" are getting help in the form of professional training by the country's only "certified" Santa Claus.

Certified Santa?

Anyway, after that, check out the new sites on my blog bagel (hey, some people have blog rolls, I have a blog bagel), Evil White Guy, Smoking Gun, and C. Buddha's Hasty Musings.

If you work through all that in the next 36 hours, check out the rest of my blog bagel. They're all great sites!

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Thanks for the link!

- Justin Yoshida