Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas, Travel, Modem

Had a very good Christmas with part of my extended family. With a sudden and young death in the family this past year and so much else, this was a much-needed time for the family to come together and celebrate what we do have: each other, memories of a man both great and good, victories, lessons learned from failures, music, faith, hope and love. There were songs and presents, stories and feasting, grins and tears and laughter hearty and hale, and indeed, everything bitter and sweet.

All the things I came home for, although, greedy me, I will grab all I can before I fly back to my other home across the seas.

Then, of course, came a technical difficulty that cut my Internet access (hence a shortage of posts), resolved about 20 minutes ago.

Part of the time in between, I met an old friend whom I hadn't talked to in probably 16 years. We picked up like it was 16 days instead and I invited her up to visit more of my family and spend a few days at a lake with my Dad. Got a fly fishing lesson from Dad, along with a rod and reel, went boating, saw two bald eagles, and had some very civil political discussions with Dad and my friend, who are both anti-Bush. Outnumbered, I gave as good as I got (better, I think, though they would count the score differently I imagine). On the long drive home we found a classic country station playing old songs we knew and sang into the sunset.

I hope everyone had as good a Christmas or better.

Now it's time for New Years - [deadpan]yaa-hooooo[/deadpan].

Have a good one!

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