Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nationalism, Blogging, and, a Poll

The former Foreign Service Officer once known as New Sisyphus has left that blog and begun a new one: New Nationalist. He is writing, among other things, a series of posts titled Nationalism 101, and one of those posts echo things I've been hearing a lot, and things I've been struggling with myself. That post is How Do We Even Start? It's a longish post, and I've excerpted just the barest essentials for quick reference. Please don't rely on this excerpt: Read the whole thing at New Nationalist, then come back. I'll wait here. Go on.

Quick excerpt:
... it becomes clearer and clearer that the scope of the problem facing Nationalists is truly astounding to behold. We are a tiny minority, outnumbered, outgunned and barely heard ... I keep considering it and considering it over and over and I keep coming up with the same answer: that nothing short of a popular movement is necessary, one that openly and honestly says, in effect, that the current USG does not speak for us and must be replaced.


But, you know, the time for reform has come and gone. It ain't gonna work. We need root and branch re-establishment under the watchful gaze of an energized populace led by people who get it.


Now, look: no amount of reform at this point is going to save the universties from the "Professor" Bakers of the world. It doesn't matter how well-intentioned the reformers are, these people, these interests are *entrenched* and it's going to take force to remove them. And I believe the moral and political justification for using such force is clear.


Now: Over to you. What are your thoughts? How do we even start fighting back with the odds so far against us? Do we even bother?

From next Monday, June 4, and continuing through Friday, I will blog about one issue each day that I believe such a movement would need to address. Prior to that, I may (or may not) post background or other relevant material. If the conversation gives me more thoughts, I may continue the following week as well. Let's see what happens.

Just to be clear, I'm not sure what New Nationalist means when he talks about requiring force, but I DO NOT and WILL NOT advocate or be party to violence or criminal acts. However, there is no doubt in my mind that a new movement is not only necessary, but about to begin, whether we are part of it or not. A few politicians, like Tom Coburn, have had a whiff of it, but most seem utterly unaware. And I say, that's a good time to flank and crush those who would oppose us.

Now, the poll. It's not a formal poll. I just want to know, if you were to answer New Nationalist's question, what would you say, or, what questions would you ask instead of or to enhance his. The comments are open, but certainly it would be great if others blogged about this. If you blog about it, please trackback here, or leave the permalink to your post in my comments.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Out of the Frying Pan ...

I survived the semester and am now immersed in work. This too should quiet down a bit in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and commented. And for Veeshir, wouldn't it be more interesting if I didn't make it and commented anyway? I mean, a disembodied blogger could be kinda cool ...

Meanwhile, I'm making up slogans for a new US immigration policy. How's about this one:

Make them ALL Legal -- Annex Mexico!