Saturday, July 09, 2011

Update on Going Without Google

In last Saturday's post on escaping Google I listed alternatives recommended by others.

I gave DuckDuckGo a try this past week, but it simply didn't turn up the quality of results Google does. I have since switched to Yahoo! for searching, and its results seem equal to Google's.

I have also been looking at Zoho to replace things like Gmail and Google Docs. Zoho really offers quite a bit of useful stuff. I suspect the usefulness of Zoho as a collaboration tool would depend on getting others to use it as well; most people already have a Gmail account, so it's simpler to just use Google's services.


Anonymous said...

How are you finding it is without google? Have you noticed the challenging getting easier over time? I bring this up because of a class assignment on trying to go without google. I only lasted a day and a half. I have found that google is truly in everything. How have you managed to stay away from google?

a guy in pajamas said...

Hi, Anonymous,

Thanks for dropping by. I have replaced Google apps w/ the recommendations I made in this post and in my earlier post, Escaping Google.

I use Yahoo for searching, and I have my own website so I can do my 'cloud computing' privately. I don't use a lot of the Google Apps anyway, but if I wanted to, there are replacements for a lot of them (see the Escaping Google post).

How about you? What does Google offer that you can't do without?