Monday, October 24, 2005

Celebratory Gunfire

Happy 60th, UN! (And many highly reformed returns ...)

Here's some UN parties you might have missed ...

Rockin' Round the Clock with the
Oil-For-UN-Officials-Not-Babyfood Scandal

Possible UNScam - Al Qaeda Link
Guilty Plea in UNScam
Indictment in UNScam
Three More Indicted
UN Procurement Scandal
New Conflict of Interest for Kofi?
UN Bribery Scandal: Russian ties, global reach
UN Allowed 'Corrupt Behavior'
Sevan Resigns

But HEY! It's not just the Oil-for-UN-Officials team that's partying!
Sex-for-Aid Charges Haunt UN Peacekeepers
UN Expert Made Child Porn Videos in the Congo

For more of the UN's most recent 15 years in existence, see:
Emergency Sex And Other Desperate Measures, a book that, among other experiences, details UN sex & drug parties and units of criminal peacekeepers, by two current and one former UN staffer.
The blog Friends of Saddam: UNScam and Other UN Scandals.

What'll those crazy guys do next, try to take over the Internet? (Well, they may already have the porn side wrapped up ...)

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comrade_tovarich said...

I think "I'm four real" is a UN Oil-for-Food former scammer who's now scoping about for a new revenue stream.