Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Great Blog Find

Global Voices Online is a blog that tries to cover pretty much the whole world, with a number of contributors, translations of posts on non-English blogs, and the "World Aggregator." You can click any of the country or region names in the light green area at the top for posts focusing on that location, though some (like Mongolia) don't have any posts up yet.

The particular post that attracted my attention was Inside the Japanese Blogosphere: The Anti-Korea Wave, which is actually about revisionist history in Japan. It gives a brief glimpse inside the Japanese blogosphere and notes some of the top bloggers are frustrated with the anti-Japanese demonstrations and riots in Korea and China this last spring. It also shows an anti-Korean manga which is apparently quite popular right now, then discusses some related topics, and gives a link to the English version (in PDF) of one of Japan's controversial history texts.

A good post, and it looks like a great blog.

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