Monday, May 09, 2005

May 10 Sitrep

Currently have spontaneous pulse and respirations.

Apartment complete mess -- have thrown out half-a-dozen HUGE bags of trash -- wondering about sanity of (ahem) person who kept all that crap in the first place, especially in a shoebox-sized apartment.

Plan for 10 and 11 May:

1. Finish packing.

2. Ship books & odds & ends back.

3. Convert warm, penguin-friendly, homemade computing buddy into minion of Evil Empire™ so it can be sold.

:-( sigh

4. Install Firefox, Thunderbird and as revenge.

:-P evil laughter

5. Sell / give away appliances, TV, etc. Say goodbye to ocean view.

:-( sigh

6. Call for ground evac, throw key to next tenant/employee on way out.

:-P evil laughter

7. Enjoy life.


Updates to follow as reality permits.

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